Noni fruit pineapple juice reduces the risk of stomach ulcers

References: Chinese - / Reporter Shijie Zhang / 11/6/2013 20:30 Taipei, Taiwan


Noni fruit is regarded a high economic value crops by many tropical areas such as Hawaii, Central and South America which has been widely planted. Many medical studies found that noni fruit has anti -inflammatory , antioxidant function , which can be used to enhance the immune system and for ailments involving the stomach, digestive system, and also reported that noni fruit can lower the risk of stomach ulcers.


Hawaii Nutrition (HNC) has attempted to manufacture 100% organic feature Noni products since 2002. Let us teach you how to make Noni pineapple juice by mixing our Organic Noni Powder or Premium Gold Noni Juice. Noni pineapple juice helps you to boost your immune system, strong digestive system, and totally improve your health condition.


  • By mixing Organic Noni Powder          

          perfect ratio: 1 teaspoon of organic Noni powder 5g + pineapple juice 8 oz (240 ml.)

  • By mixing Premium Gold Noni Juice

          perfect ratio: Premium Gold Noni Juice 1 oz (30 ml.) + Pineapple juice 8 oz (240 ml.)


You could use ready-made pineapple juice, of course, we will suggest that it’s better to make smoothie or fresh juice by yourself because it’s fresher and you can adjust your own sweetness!


You might ask that is it possible to use other juice to replace pineapple juice? Definitely, yes!!


The reason why we recommend pineapple juice is because pineapple has a rich of pineapple enzymes (Bromelain), which is also a natural anti -inflammatory agent. Bromelain is also known for strong our digestive system, if mix with our Noni, it will be more efficient.


Let’s try it! We expect you could share your experience with us :)


诺丽果凤梨汁 降低胃溃疡风险

引用【华人健康网 记者张世杰/台北报导】 11/6/2013 20:30

夏威夷营养公司(HNC) 致力於研究如何发酵制造100%有机夏威夷诺丽果产品,让我们来教教大家如何运用我们的 有機诺丽粉(Organic Noni Fruit  Powder) / 黄金诺丽原汁(Premium Gold Noni Juice) 调制黄金比例 诺丽凤梨汁,帮助您提升免疫力,强壮消化系统,调整体质。

  • 运用有機诺丽粉(Organic Noni Fruit  Powder)调配

          黄金比例: 有機诺丽粉 一茶匙 约5g + 凤梨汁8 oz. (240 ml.)

  • 运用黄金诺丽原汁(Premium Gold Noni Juice)调配

           黄金比例: 黄金诺丽原汁 1 oz. (30 ml.) + 凤梨汁 8 oz. (240 ml.)





大家一定会问,可不可以用其他的果汁替代凤梨汁呢?? 当然可以,调配比例也是一样的喔!