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Kava Kolada 8 fl. oz.

Kava Kolada
made in hawaii
Kava Kolada

(8 fl. oz.) 100% Water Soluble and biodegradable. This is a one-of-a-kind product. This is best massage oil you have ever tried.


We start with the finest natural oils such as Olive and Grape Seed oil, and add a generous dose of real Kava Root Extract that penetrates deep into muscles to relax. We don't stop there! Add Arnica Montana oil made from an infusion of whole flower buds. This ingredient is world renowned in homeopathy for its ability to reduce swelling, bruising, and joint stiffness. After your muscles are relaxed and your recovery has begun, you can enjoy the soft skin you will be left with from the rich oils and Vitamin E. Lightly scented of organic virgin coconut oil and macadamia, Kava Kolada is the ultimate tropical escape. 


We're not kidding when we say this stuff is good. It's good!


Imagine you are sipping a tropical cocktail in your private beach side cabana while strong native hands pound your tense muscles into coconut jelly. Kava Kolada will take you there-- to that place where your muscles are softened, your skin is supple and your smile is wide. This nourishing blend of exotic oils and herbal muscle relaxers is a one-of-a-kind escape. 


Massage therapists everywhere will love us for making their job easier!

Relaxes muscles 

Uplifts mood 

Easy clean up from linens- water soluble! 

Therapists hands are soothed after applying Kava Kolada. 


Some more useful tips on using Kava Kolada: 

  •  Add 10-15 drops to Bathwater or Furo for a spa-like relaxation bath. It disperses in water and leaves skin baby soft.
  • Add 5 drops in a clean spray bottle with 4 oz of water for a refreshing herbal body mist
  • Don't have to wait for a full massage! Apply to your own areas of pain or muscle stiffness any time.
  • Apply to shoulders or back before shower or sauna. For best results, leave on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing.
  • Apply to sore muscles while lying on the beach. Let the sun infuse the natural oils into your skin. Don't neglect the sun screeen!

Share your experience. Give us some feedback!!

Kava Kolada
made in hawaii
Kava Kolada