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Hawaiian Red Turmeric Powder 2 oz

From our sister company Herbologie, comes a worldwide first! Let us introduce you to Hawaiian Red Turmeric, a unique species that is only found in Hawaii. What’s so special about the variety is the sweet delicious taste that’s never bitter. That means you can use this spice in ways turmeric has never been used before- in bakery, chili, soups, on top of dips. You can brew and blend tea and smoothies without ever needingto add sugar because it is naturally sweet!

What makes our sweet red turmeric truly REMARKABLE is the the high curcumin content about 4 to 5 times as much as yellow turmeric! Curcumin is believed to be  the main constituent that gives turmeric its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Supplement producers around the world try to chemically alter their products to come up with higher curcumin content and “standardized” curcumin. We don’t have to do any chemical processing because nature has provided us with a perfect whole root that contains 14-17% curcumin. 

This product is 100% pure Hawaiian Red Turmeric air-dried and powdered. It is certified organic and gluten free just as nature intended. There are absolutely no chemicals or alterations to this product.

This beautiful gift tin provides 2 oz of dried powder.