Noni Nectar Mist 3 oz

Soothing Mist Spray (3 fl. oz.)

TSA approved size! Perfect for Travel!

What is so unique about this product? For the first time, you can get a noni lotion product that is strong enough to be effective in soothing your skin irritations, and actually smells great, is non-staining and is conveniently available in a spray.


This is a great value for a therapeutic grade product and now you can try it in a new travel /trial size 3 oz bottle. Take it with you to the beach or hiking or even on an airplane. See the mini lotion section for more info.


70% ORGANIC INGREDIENTS Handmade in Hawaii. This product contains at least 70% organic ingredients. This concentrated formula combines the healing properties of the Noni fruit with the nourishment of Kukui and Macadamia nut oils. Instantly soothes irritated or sunburned skin with anti-aging botanicals and the fresh scent of green tea and lemon verbena. Uplifting natural scent!!


Noni and kukui oils are excellent remedies for skin healing. Noni Nectar Lotion is beneficial for relief of minor body aches and pains. Rub into tense muscles and sore joints, and especially great for feet. Noni Nectar Spray Mist gives relief to minor skin irritations and inflammations due to eczema, psoriasis sunburn, and allergies. Both products are non-greasy, non-staining, and contain 70% organic ingredients. Also enriched with Macadmia oil, green tea extract, and organic aloe vera.




诺丽有效舒缓皮肤表面之不适,例如: 皮疹、湿疹、晒后镇定

  • 便利的喷头设计
  • 天然镇定效果的植物成分
  • 成分: 诺丽果、油果、夏威夷果油
  • 无染色、无油腻感
  • 微微的柠檬草及绿茶清香


夏威夷营养公司(HNC) 引进一系列针对身体保养的草本疗法. 所有HNC产品都是使用最纯净的自然原料然后在美国加工生产而成。本系列产品加入夏威夷岛屿上特有的果实、坚果和花朵有助於提升你的心灵,使你恢复精神以 及净化你的肌肤。这些灵感全来自於亚热带气候所拥有的草本疗法。所有HNC身体护肤产品都含有草药的疗效。诺丽(Noni)和桐树油是两种针对肌肤最有疗效的草本油脂。诺丽花蜜身体喷雾可以帮助舒缓和减轻身体的庝痛。涂抹在较紧绷的肌肉处、疼痛的关节部分有很大的疗效。



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