Hawaii Beach Slim夏威夷海滩纤体胶囊 60粒装

(60 Capsules) Fresh new look and new low price!

Increase your metabolic power!!!
Introducing... our super charged formula with higher potencies of the fat burning ingredients that help you lose weight faster.

This is an all natural and safe formula that contains Garcinia Cambogia, Spirulina, Hawaiian Noni and some serious digestive and liver cleansers.

  • Block carbohydrates from converting to fat with Hydroxyditric Acid (HCA)

  • Safely Boost energy and alertness with Green Tea extract and Yerba Mate

  • Cleanse liver, lungs, and intestines with Milk Thistle, Dandelion and Black Walnut Hulls

Why liver cleansing is important to weight loss: Some of you have heard of Cortisol, known as "stress hormone" that is responsible for the worst belly fat. Hormones are produced in the liver so its important that the right balance of hormones are produced. In women, cortisol competes with progesterone, "the happy hormone" that helps keep us young and in a good mood. In men, cortisol competes with healthy Testosterone, which helps maintain muscle mass, youthfulness and sex drive. 

The liver's function is to filter the blood, just as the oil filter filters oil in your car. We change our car's oil filter every 3 month, but we cant change our liver out. We have to cleanse it to keeping it running well. This is especially important for anyone who has taken birth control pills or other types of artificial hormone treatments, antibiotics, other pharmaceuticals, and even synthetic vitamins. Yikes! Because these all can build up in the liver and slow it from doing its job of cleansing the blood and producing and optimal balance of healthy youth hormones.




    • 阻止碳水化合物转换成脂肪
    • 增加身体能量,提高防御能力
    • 减少腹部脂肪和腹胀







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