Hawaii-5 Detox夏威夷解毒5号 60粒装

(60 Capsules) Now available in lower cost 60 count size with a fresh new label design!

Hawaii -5 detox combines the best of traditional Hawaiian herbs into an innovative modern formula that can help improve joint flexibility, cleanse liver, lungs, skin and digestive organs, and boost immunity. It is an effective anti-oxidant, powerful detoxifier and blood cleanser.

Hawaii -5 detox summary ingredient info:

Hawaii- 5 detox combines 5 powerful herbs known individually for their ability to clear organs and joints of toxic matter. When combined, the effects of these herbs are amplified to deliver dramatic results and deep changes in the way you move and feel. This formula is rich in enzymes that break down fats, poisons, and calcified buildup in organs and joints. It is your best defense against environmental pollution purging the damaging effects of cigarette smoke, smog, chemicals and preservatives from foods. The herbs in this formula are proven natural inhibitors of stress-causing cortisol and inflammation-causing COX-2 enzymes.

Noni fruit- Noni is an ancient Polynesian remedy traditionally used for strengthening immune system, lowering blood pressure, and relieving body pains. It is an excellent supplement for allergy control, immune boost, and cleansing the digestive track

Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) ‘Olena in Hawaiian – organically grown rainforest herb and kitchen spice. Turmeric root has been declared by scientists as “the herb of the century” because of its numerous benefits in maintaining good health. Literally thousands of research studies affirm the powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, and immune strengthening properties of this herb. The possible benefits of regularly consuming this herb are nothing short of life-changing.

Ginger – (Zingiber Oficinale)  – organically grown digestive herb and kitchen spice. Anyone who has travelled to Hawaii remembers the landscape of ginger flowers with their spicy sweet fragrance. The ginger root is widely use in Hawaiian, East Indian and Chinese traditional medicine as an anti-inflammatory, digestive tonic, and nausea remedy. Ginger is the most widely researched herb in human history. Its use spans thousands of years and all continents. Its versatility is unmatched as a cooking spice, tea, perfume, and topical analgesic.

Green Papaya – carica papaya. A common breakfast fruit in the tropics, the papaya fruit is rich in numerous enzymes, most notably papain, which is commonly used as a meat tenderizer. The enzyme quality is stronger in unripened green fruit. Papaya is a powerful tool in the detoxification program as the enzymes help break down excess proteins and toxic undigested matter from the intestinal tract.

Bromelain – pineapple enzyme. Anti-inflammatory and allergy management.  Research shows that when combined with bromelain, the anti-inflammatory effects of Turmeric are amplified exponentially over Turmeric alone. The combination also increases the absorption of turmeric.That is scientific proof of the powerful synergy that exists between these herbs. 

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Hawaii Nutrition Company was the first to combine turmeric and bromelain in a nutraceutical product 2002. We are truly innovators! 

~抗污染防御圣品~ 身體清道夫!!



  • 清除环境汙染所导致的身体毒素
  • 抗关节炎、增加血液循环
  • 清除肝、肺、肠内有害毒素






- 五种天然草本配方 -

  • 姜黄- 姜黄根已被科学家誉为"世纪药草",许多调查研究肯定了姜黄具有抗炎,抗肿瘤,以及增加免疫力,适量食用对身体健康有许多好处。
  • 生姜- 在传统夏威夷、印度与中国医疗广泛作为消炎使用,有助消化,减缓恶心的功用。生姜是传统药史上最广泛被研究的草本植物,它的使用跨越了几千年,世界各大洲,它不只是烹饪香料,更能运用在保健食品上。
  • 青木瓜- 最常见的热带水果,青木瓜果实中富含大量的酵素。酵素有助分解从肠道内堆积的毒素和未消化的物质,维持肠道健康。
  • 菠萝- 具有丰富的菠萝酵素,有助於抗发炎和抗过敏。研究显示,当菠萝酵素结合姜黄,抗炎效果更显著。


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