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Hawaiian Red Turmeric Tea-chips 1 oz

These cut roots are made from 100% Hawaiian Red Turmeric. These roots are harvested fresh on one single estate in Hawaii and dried and sent to our organic kitchen for drying and packing all in one facility. These roots are never stored or shipped around the world, never sold in open spice markets, never handled by distributor. These roots are grown, harvested and packaged under the highest standards of purity and safety, and all in the USA. 

If you haven’t tried our sweet red turmeric you are in for a treat! Not only does this special variety only grow in Hawaii, it contains 400-500% the curcumin content of yellow turmeric. These tea-chips are naturally sweet to the taste so they can be brewed, stewed or eaten straight out of the tin without the addition of any sugar because they are not bitter. Our favorite way to use these is just to pop them into your mouth as a crunchy immune boosting snack.