Noni Nectar Lotion 8 oz

Antioxidant Lotion

(8 fl. oz)

A potent dose of noni fruit, seed & leaf

applied to skin gives relief from surface discomforts, rashes, eczema, & sunburns.

• Convenient spray application

• Therapeutic dose of botanicals

• Contains Hawaiian Noni, Aloe, Kukui, & Macadamia oils

• Non- staining, lightweight 

• Uplifting Verbena scent!

Absolutely THE BEST noni lotion on the market and an HNC best seller! Read below to see why:


Calming moisture and protection. Soothe your body and senses with the anti-aging nourishment of Hawaiian Noni Soothing Lotion


Enriched with Kukui and Macadamia nut oils and & Green Tea extract, it calms and moisturizes yourskin while providing all day antioxidant protection from the elements Protects against environmental pollution. Made with organic Hawaiian noni juice, organic Aloe Vera and more. Contains 70% organic ingredients. 


Our master herbalist worked very hard to offer you a real lotion that works without the infamously pungent smell of noni. Try it! We are very pleased with the result, and the feedback on this product has been phenomenal! 


Apply noni antioxidant lotion on your feet before bed and feel the amazing results. Relieves tension in one night!



  • 成分: 诺丽果、油果、夏威夷果油
  • 无染色、不油腻、温和不刺激
  • 有效舒压,解除疲惫
  • 微微的绿茶清香及花香


诺丽花蜜舒压抗氧化身体乳液对肌肤具有镇静滋润和保护抗衰老的作用。成分含有丰富的库奎和澳洲坚果油和绿茶提取物,镇静和滋润的同时提供抗氧化及预防环境污染危害肌肤的作用。乳液中更含有70 %的有机诺丽果汁成分。





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