Hawaiian Turmeric and Bromelain Capsules姜黄根胶囊 60粒装

(60 Capsules)

100% Hawaiian Grown. Now with Bromelain and Bio-perine for high absorption.

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Another HNC Innovation! Hawaii Nutrition Company was the first to combine these two powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients in a nutraceutical product. We set the trend in the industry and today this has been copied by several major US supplement brands.

#1 Anti-aging Superfood and powerful inflammation reducer.

    • Protect healthy cells from mutation
    • Cleanse liver, blood, and arteries
    • Maintain strength in joints and tissues
    • Improve circulation to the heart & brain
    • Non-GMO.

450 mg Turmeric + 25 mg Bromelain + 10 mg Bioperine

'Olena, Curcumin, Ukon, Halthi



Top1抗老化的超级保健品,强效抗炎作用。成分: 450 mg姜黄粉 + 25mg菠萝酵素/

  • 避免健康细胞突变
  • 净化肝脏、血液及动脉
  • 强化关节组织
  • 改善血液循环





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