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Is the Vog from Kilauea’s Eruption Giving You Trouble? Try Our Breathe Freely Formula to Cut Through the Haze

Is the Vog from Kilauea’s Eruption Giving You Trouble? Try Our Breathe Freely Formula to Cut Through the Haze

Is the Vog from Kilauea’s Eruption Giving You Trouble? Try Our Breathe Freely Formula to Cut Through the Haze

Kilauea is once again erupting, creating another massive lava lake in the Halema‘uma‘u Crater. The glow from the crater is truly a sight to see, the wonders of Madame Pele rising to the surface of this Hawai‘i Island marvel. But sometimes that beauty can be obscured by some of the other things that have bubbled up to the surface with the lava -- namely the vog and sulfur dioxide (SO₂). These airborne byproducts of the lava can cause serious respiratory distress for some people to the point that the Hawaii Department of Health recently issued a press release that included tips on staying safe when vog levels rise. Here at Hawaii Nutrition Co our Herbologie line has the perfect solution for vog, fire, and other seasonal allergy issues. Our all-natural, vegan Breathe Freely formula is a great way to combat the effects of vog and sulfur dioxide in the air.

Due to the geography of Hawai‘i Island, vog often ends up flowing from Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park in East Hawaii to more southern and western communities like Ocean View, Kona, and Waikoloa. On bad days, even the Pacific Ocean is obscured from views that usually stretch for miles (on clear days you can sometimes see Maui from West Hawai‘i -- but not when the vog is around). However, it also ends up in eastern areas such as Hilo and other East Hawai‘i communities. It’s important for everyone living and visiting these communities to take extra steps to care for their respiratory health during an eruption event.

When Kilauea erupts and causes massive expulsions of noxious gasses, the body’s typical reaction is to create a rush of histamines, an immune response that tries to keep out the irritation and inflammation that vog can cause. For those with weakened immune systems or issues with inflammation, this reaction can cause sneezing, eye itching and irritation, headaches, and more. 

Herbologie’s Breathe Freely is a specialized blend that is a non-drowsy, all-natural, drug-free, vegan formula that helps to reduce inflammation in the lungs. It also works as a seasonal allergy relief, boosting oxygenation to the lungs, as well as cleaning and detoxifying the lungs. Every ingredient in this natural, plant-based formula is intentional, helping to address as many respiratory issues as possible. 

Herbologie’s Breathe Freely includes:

Vitamin C - a natural antihistamine

Menaquinone - also known as Vitamin K2;  aids with circulation

Butterbur (root) - helps reduce allergic rhinitis (hayfever)

Quercetin - anti-histamine

Bromelain (from pineapple) - anti-inflammatory

Citrus bioflavonoids - aids with circulation & anti-inflammatory

Feverfew (leaf) - herbal aspirin, reduces fevers and headache

Stinging Nettle (root) - general allergy symptoms, reducing irritation

Pine Bark Extracts - anti-inflammatory

Cordyceps - improves respiration by increasing oxygenation to lungs

Adding Breathe Freely to your vitamin and supplement regimen has the potential to improve your overall respiratory health from irritants like vog, smoke, and seasonal allergies. In addition, Hawai‘i DOH recommends keeping hydrated, staying indoors with windows closed, and reducing outdoor activities when possible. 

Keep up to date with announcements about vog and its effect on public health by visiting the Hawai‘i Interagency Vog Information Dashboard. You can also stay up to date with all things Hawai‘i Nutrition Co by subscribing to our newsletter. And don’t forget to stock up on Herbologie’s Breathe Freely, available in 60 and 120 count bottles!

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Channa Masala

Channa Masala