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Turmeric The BioSlime Buster

Turmeric The BioSlime Buster


Do you remember playing with slime? How it left its filmy tracks all over your hands and any surface you rolled it on? You always had to clean up with some soap or spray cleaner. That’s similar to what many harmful bacteria produce on the surface of your skin and organs except its ALIVE!!! Think Ghostbusters.

Bioflims are living slime made up of bacteria or fungus and the substances they excrete. Biofilms form a barricade that blocks medicine and nutrients from being absorbed into your gut or other organs.

They make it hard for antibiotics to do their job in killing bacteria, and also block good nutrients from being absorbed in your gut.

Bioflims are one of the major reasons that some strains of bacteria achieve antibiotic resistance. You’ve experienced biofilms in action if you’ve ever had a recurring infection such as UTI, or skin ulcer or even dental plaque.

Bioflims are exactly what they sound like

films made of a network of living organisms. And some of the most stubborn bacteria species use this tactic including E Coli, responsible for most Urinary tract infections and Streptococcus mutans, an acid producing bacteria responsible for dental plaque and decay. Common hospital infection Staphylococcus aureus owes its notorious persistence to its biofilm.


Natural substances that break up bioflim networks

The good news is there are natural substances that break up bioflim networks by acting against the enzymes that hold biofilms together, so antibiotics can do their job. Some of the better studied natural bioflim busters are:



Aloe Vera Inner leaf Gel

Serrapeptase Enzyme

Modified Citrus Pectin

N- Acetyl Cysteine


Garlic is a known fungal bioflim buster


What’s notable about turmeric and berberine is that they are both antimicrobials and bioflim busters.

So how can you use bioflim busters to conquer persistent infections?

Here are a few different approaches to make your medicines work better.


1. Whether you are using a prescription antibiotic or a natural one like berberine you can drink your medicine with turmeric tea or aloe gel

2. 15 minutes before taking your antibiotic or anti-fungal pill, take modifed citrus pectin or serrapeptase enzyme

3. For UTI’s, uterine infection or other E. Coli infections, take capsules of Cranberry with D-Mannose. Take these several times per day.

4. For fungal infection take pills of garlic or fresh cloves of garlic. Give your sweetie fair warning because your breath and sweat might keep them, (and vampires) at a distance!

5. N- Acetyl Cysteine is an amino acid with powerful anti-inflammatory properties as well as bioflim busting and is a great addition to any of these programs

6. For dental health. Swish around a mouthful of turmeric tea for a minute and spit it out.


Organic Hawaiian Turmeric Tea

The best gift you can give to future self is to drink Organic Hawaiian Turmeric Tea every day.

Your body will thank you as you start to feel your shoulders soften, your hands and joints flex, your breathing become deeper, and your tensions melt. Turmeric has been used safely for 5000 years and is the most widely researched plant in the world. Heal your body and mind with nature’s perfect food. Enjoy the purity of our organic and gluten free, single estate offerings. Its absolutely the purest and most potent turmeric in the world!

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