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Masala Moco

Masala Moco

Makes 8 servings

Make Channa Masala shown in Part 1

Make White or Brown Basmati rice as you usually make rice.

Cook your choice of Patty on stovetop.

Optional: Fried Egg

Top with chopped cilantro, chopped radishes, or crunchy bean sprouts




4 cups Channa Masala cooked and still hot

8 Burger Patties of your choice

4 cups of cooked Basmati rice white or brown. (2 cups dry before cooking)

½ bunch of fresh cilantro washed and chopped

2 carrots chopped

3 red radishes washed and chopped

8 eggs (optional)


Cook the channa masala as in Part 1 keep it warm

Cook the rice and have it ready

Cook the burger patty. We like Maui Taro Burgers cooked a little crispy outside, but Beyond Burgers, Impossible or other plant based burgers work great too.


Put ½ cup of rice on a plate. A salad or pasta plate works best

Place cooked burger patty on top of rice

Pour ½ cup channa masala on top of patty and rice

Sprinkle chopped veggies and cilantro around the top of the whole stack

Add fried egg on top if desired


Ready to eat.

You can easily half this recipe for 4 servings. If you have extra Channa Masala from Part 1, just refrigerate it and eat it the next day with some flatbread like Chapati, Naan, or Pita. It always tastes better the next day!


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